Third-Party Monitoring (TPM)

Third-Party Monitoring (TPM)

Organizations that provide humanitarian and long-term development assistance today must comply with donor requirements for external evaluations of the effectiveness of their programs.

For many years, distinguished experts in the third-party monitoring (TPM) industry now deliver many successful assessments within the UEC to independently monitor projects in some of the most difficult to reach and sensitive locations.

Our TPM services provide your institution with the independent, verifiable data and methods you need to evaluate the progress of your programs and support accountability. From the very beginning, through customized data collection tools, analysis, data-driven dashboards, and reporting, TPM provides an important source of support for management decisions and the fate of corporate learning and future programs.

Our key components of the process are as follows;

  • Qualitative and quantitative assessments
  • Activity Verification
  • Gender and vulnerable populations