Management Consulting

Management Consulting

It is a type of independent and professional service that is widely used, in order to increase the efficiency of organizations and to be better managed by experienced staff in all management matters.

Management Consultants; In an Organization; They are “Idipendent and qualified” personnel who carry out their duties to research and identify problems related to policy, organization, procedure, method, human resources, machinery / equipment and technology, to suggest appropriate solutions, and to guide and assist in the implementation of these solutions.


It is the best use and control of manpower, machinery, building and financial resources of a company/organization, protection of these values and earning an acceptable income from each and development of resources.

Our key components of the process are as follows

  • Price-Cost Analysis
  • Production / Service Planning
  • Storage-Distribution and Shipment Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies and Practices
  • Product/Service Design/ R&D/Product Development
  • Implementation of Management Systems suitable for the organizational structure
  • Ensuring compliance with legal requirements
  • Arrangement of Administrative Procedures and Activities
  • Human Resources Management